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Calling all Bristol charities

Calling all Bristol Charities Do you want to raise your charity’s profile in a public way, on one of Bristol’s 45 bridges AND receive donations whilst doing so? Quartet Community Foundation is providing the opportunity for you to do just that, on Bristol Giving Day, 9...

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Winning with Youth Moves

Ash was a young person who had significant issues going on at home and in her personal life, and these plus the usual pressures of growing up as a teenager led into her getting into trouble in school and having lots of questions about her past, her present and especially her future.

The completely positive link between breakfast clubs and school attendance

When we started the Breakfast Club we had juice, bread and jam. Now we can give our children a full continental breakfast and a proper start to the day! The good food we receive means that the Breakfast Club is very popular- about half the school comes, which has had a big impact on our attendance levels at school. 3 years ago we had 100 pupils on our persistent absence list. Now, we only have about 14.

Dry wit and humour triumph over loneliness

When R first joined the group his mood was low and he found it uncomfortable to interact with others.  Initially the other group members found him difficult and were concerned about him coming to the sessions regularly. 

BGD 2018

High energy launch for Bristol Giving Day 2018

Bristol Giving Day was launched this week to great acclaim as Quartet Community Foundation brought businesses, charities and the public sector together to address Bristol’s needs.

Flower power launches 2018’s new city fundraising day

We’re delighted to announce that The Florist on Park Street are using their flower power to help people and are the first to sign up to do something fun and raise money for local good causes on Bristol Giving Day.

Offering sanctuary to traumatised individuals

Arriving in a new city, in a new country, and learning a new language are just three of the challenges Siddiq and Sabir faced when they arrived in Bristol. A grant we made to Bristol Hospitality Network for £14,500 through a New Beginnings grant helped them provide welcome centres for Siddiq, Sabir and their fellow asylum seekers and refugees in Bristol.

Helping older people in crisis

Thanks to a grant through us Age UK Bristol were able to offer this local older person some support to get through a crisis period.

Our Sponsors

Burges Salmon

Quartet Community Foundation brings together people who want to help the local community with projects that make a real difference. Our main focus at Quartet Community Foundation is to change people’s lives for the better across the West of England. We are part of a national network of 46 quality accredited Community Foundations that match those who want to give money locally with those organisations and charities working to improve local communities.

Bristol Giving Day will join together businesses and local community causes to spread generosity across the city. One day in the year to inspire extra charitable giving and right proper fun to make a big difference to lots of local causes. Organised by Quartet Community Foundation with the support of the Bristol business community, Bristol Giving Day will be vibrant and inspiring as we join together to love our city.