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Life-changing support

These are quotes from carers of disabled children…
“For me, this group makes a huge difference to my life; I’m a single parent and I have no family nearby to help me.  I have confidence now for Y to go to the Saturday respite group knowing that she is with children with a similar condition where the staff understand her needs and I can get some respite.  It’s really invaluable for me and Y.”  
“The day trips that Khaas offer have really helped me; I was scared to take my disabled son on long car journeys.  Not only is it a long drive for my husband but the car is small and I was very scared as to how my son would react in a small car for so long . . . you can’t just stop on the motorway if he gets frightened or distressed.  Being able to go as a whole family on a coach, with other families in similar circumstances was really helpful and I knew I had their support if I needed it. The coach is spacious and I didn’t have the fear my son being in a small car and needing to stop.  I am now confident that he can travel for a long journey – it’s just not a big deal now, and there are other families there to support me.”
“I have learnt to sew, cook healthy meals.  My English has improved a lot also.” 
“I exercise more, go out more independently.  I have made friends.”  
“I feel very confident by attending sessions, and tend to go out a bit more.” 
Find out more about Khaas by exploring the City Centre Route on Bristol Giving Day – the Bridges Challenge.

We’re infinitely grateful to our Sponsors:

Burges Salmon
Bank of Ireland

Quartet Community Foundation brings together people who want to help the local community with projects that make a real difference. Our main focus at Quartet Community Foundation is to change people’s lives for the better across the West of England. We are part of a national network of 46 quality accredited Community Foundations that match those who want to give money locally with those organisations and charities working to improve local communities.

Bristol Giving Day joins together businesses and local community causes to spread generosity across the city. One day in the year we strive to inspire extra charitable giving and right proper fun to make a big difference to local causes. Organised by Quartet Community Foundation with the support of the Bristol business community, Bristol Giving Day calls proud Bristolians to join together to love our city.

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