Bristol Giving Day Bristol Giving Day

Why this matters

Bristol…Everywhere you step you have the dust of history on your shoes, a sense of the past in a city heading for a green and prosperous future; a maritime history and an entrepreneurial destiny.

Bristol has always resisted the bland. Our sounds, sights, venues, and people show off our unique character.

A paradise for foodies. The city where every street is an artist’s canvas.

A city of business and learning with vibrant companies across every sector.

This is a city of innovation with a heart for sustainability.

This is a city of opportunity. But a city that still has needs.

There are areas of affluence and areas of deprivation.

There are pockets of poverty where people struggle.

There are local good causes – charities, community interest and voluntary groups who are helping in these communities.

And they need our collective efforts to help them help others.

That is why we are holding Bristol Giving Day.

Bristol is a city of choices. We want you to choose to join in on 14 October 2020 and celebrate our amazing local charities, community and voluntary groups. If you can have some COVID-appropriate fun and raise some money for local causes that would be amazing too!

Bristol is famous for many things. We think that we should be known for inspiring generocity.


Here’s how Bristol Giving Day will make a real difference

We are asking businesses to make a special effort on 9.10.19 to give a little extra to support our local Bristol community causes. According to the Charity Commission 90% of charity giving goes to the 6.8% largest charities in the UK. Small charities only receive 3% of that income.

We hope to deliver more funding into the micro and small charities and good causes that do so much good in our city.


What’s happening on Bristol Giving Day and how will it make a difference?

On the 9.10.19 people like you will fundraise for local good causes. Conquer the Bridges Challenge’s 6 routes encompassing Bristol’s 45 bridges and support 45 local causes in the process. Dress up in your business’s colours or choose an activity that showcases your fundraising flair.

Bristol Giving Day’s proceeds will help our most disadvantaged people fulfil their potential.


Who is running Bristol Giving Day?

Quartet Community Foundation along with our sponsors and partners will be heading up Bristol Giving Day with the support of businesses of all sizes across the city.

Quartet Community Foundation’s aim is to give everyone the chance of a good life. We give grants to charities and community groups that help change people’s lives for the better across the West of England, giving as many people as possible the chance to fulfil their potential. Our support helps so many people – from children living in poverty to adults with learning difficulties, from survivors of domestic abuse and people whose lives are blighted by addiction to lonely elderly people. We gave out over £3.5 million in grants across the West of England last year but this isn’t enough to help everyone so we’ve set up Bristol Giving Day to inspire people across the City to help too.

We work closely with a wide variety of donors to harness their passion for helping others and match it to vital projects that meet community aspirations and make a profound difference to people’s lives.


Quartet addresses local needs

In 2018-19 Quartet awarded over £1.5 million to small charitable groups in Bristol. This represents half of our total giving during that year.

We distribute around 1,000 grants each and every year to voluntary and community groups across the West of England.


How we work

100% of donations go to charity and no-one makes a profit from Bristol Giving Day.  Quartet Community Foundation (a registered charity) uses 10% of donations to help with the cost of setting up and running Bristol Giving Day and the costs of what we do including checking and distributing grants to great local causes.  A massive 90% of donations goes directly to local causes that help ensure more people have a fair chance of a good life.




We’re infinitely grateful to our Sponsors:


Quartet Community Foundation brings together people who want to help the local community with projects that make a real difference. Our main focus at Quartet Community Foundation is to change people’s lives for the better across the West of England. We are part of a national network of 46 quality accredited Community Foundations that match those who want to give money locally with those organisations and charities working to improve local communities.

Bristol Giving Day will join together businesses and local community causes to spread generosity across the city. One day in the year to inspire extra charitable giving and right proper fun to make a big difference to 45 local causes. Organised by Quartet Community Foundation with the support of the Bristol business community, Bristol Giving Day will be vibrant and inspiring as we join together to love our city.